Measuring System
Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnostics
Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnostics
In memory of the measuring system pre-installed data on the radial and axial test load, the desired frequency of rotation. Based on these parameters, the operator adjusts the machine SP-180M and proceeds to the measurements

Vibration measurement
Vibration analysis (narrowband spectral analysis of vibration in three frequency bands of vibration and acceleration, analysis of the envelope and the envelope spectrum, excess and crest factor, direct spectrum vibration, velocity, acceleration, 1/3 octave and other filters)
Control of machine in the modes of acceleration, deceleration
Control of test load pneumatic cylinders
Measuring the speed of rotation of bearing cages (optional)
Statistics processing of measurement results
Reports in MS Word format
Self-test function
Touch screen display
English firmware
USB interface for flash drive