Vibration Diagnostics and Balancing Machines
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The combined resources and knowledge of DIAMECH represents over 25 years of experience in the fields of vibration analysis and dynamic balancing.

DIAMECH was founded in 1989 by three engineers in Moscow, Russia where the company still has its headquarters.

Although the engineers had different backgrounds  - their skills and experience were complementary and they were like-minded in their drive to produce world class and first in Russia portable Vibration Analyzer.

1993 - DIAMECH developed first russian digital vibration analyzer by combining leading edge technology with operating simplicity.

1995 - Company released first soft-bearing balancing machine 3 tons capacity with digital control unit.

The decision to extend its operations launched the company into a major growth phase which involved the construction of a sophisticated machine tool factory and the employment of highly skilled and specialised staff. Continued growth has been matched by investment in factory equipment, research and development and a sales support infrastructure.

1997 - DIAMECH started production of a new line of vibration analyzers, which until now have earned the confidence of many customers.

1999 - DIAMECH released first soft-bearing balancing machine 40 tons capacity and after 4 years first balancing machine 90 tons capacity.

2000 - Started production of online monitoring systems ALMAZ-7010 for turbine units of thermal power stations

2002 - Opening of the Training Center in Moscow

2003 - Opening of a distribution location in Ukraine

2004 - DIAMECH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

2004 - Government Prize of Russia in the field of science and technology

2006 - DIAMECH started production of Bearings Test Machines

2007 - Started production of new online monitoring system ALMAZ-7010-HYDRO for hydroelectric power

2009 - Premiere of the new vibration analyzer ONYX and new online monitoring system RUBIN

2010 - The first DIAMECH automatic balancing machine with milling correction

2011 - DIAMECH started production new special automatic unit for turning/grinding operations for transportable balancing machine 40 tons capacity

2012 - DIAMECH accreditation as a NDT laboratory

2013 - DIAMECH is accredited on the right of verification of measuring instruments.

The product range now includes Balancing Machines, Vibration Instruments, On-line Monitoring Systems, Bearing Test Machine.

DIAMECH Services include training programmes, a service hotline and maintenance, as well as future-oriented services such as production support or process optimisation.

The company employs about 200 people and 20 service agents, and runs an extensive service network with 4 branches nationwide and on representative offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus.
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Vibration Diagnostics and Balancing Machines
DIAMECH 2000 - Laureate of Government Prize of Russia in the field of science and technology
DIAMECH 2000 - Member of the Russian Association of Aero-Engines Manufacturers
DIAMECH 2000 - Member of the Russian Association of Machine-Tool Manufacturers Stankoinstrument
Complex solutions for vibration monitoring and dynamic balancing