Vibration Analyzers, Balancers, Vibration Meters
Vibration analysis, suitable for virtually all rotating equipment, is the single most effective element of a proactive maintenance system, and is now available and accessible to a wider range of users than ever before.

DIAMECH 2000 delivers flawless technological data for the establishment of maintenance plans coupled with exhaustive solutions for diverse vibration problems on all sorts of small, medium and large-size rotation facilities.
Portable Vibration Instruments
Vibration Analyzer ONYX

Take a look at the new vibration analyzer, use the latest world achievements in the field of vibration measurement and analysis, rotors balancing. Two synchronous channel, high-resolution color display
Vibration Analyzer QUARTZ
The maximum set of functions and features implemented in the modern vibration measurement devices. The time-tested, reliable vibration analyzer
Vibration Analyzer / Balancer

Rotor Balancer, is introducing a powerful new instrument for field balancing. The compact Rotor Balancer is the ideal tool for identifying and correcting rotor unbalance in situ and determining the state of balance of your machines. A unique combination of features gives operators complete onsite balancing capability - even with the standard equipment.
Vibration Meter / Bearings Checker UVM-20

UVM-20 can measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity or displacement. The users can select to display the vibration results in their preferable units. UVM-20 is a portable instrument for fast and easy measurement of bearing condition in preventive maintenance.

Vibration Meter OPAL

Compact and simple to operate, this economical vibration meter is an ideal tool for obtaining spot measurements of machinery vibration.

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