Windows CE-based dual-channel vibration analyzer
Vibration analyzer ONYX is the flagship of portable devices of DIAMECH company. Vibration analyzer Onyx based on the most modern hardware and software technologies. He was a logical extension of the range of high-tech portable vibration analyzers of DIAMECH.

Vibration analyzer ONYX meets all global standards of modern instrumentation focused on the convenience of the end user. Large color high-resolution display allows you to perform data analysis in the field without the use of a laptop computer.

Vibration analyzer ONYX has unique technical characteristics, a large amount of memory, high resolution display, advanced frequency (0.5 to 40 kHz) and dynamic range (>100 DB) allow to use it as a stand-alone tools for monitoring and diagnosis even without the use of special software.
Vibration Diagnostics and Balancing Machines
Vibration Analyzer ONYX
Vibration Analyzer ONYX
Vibration Analyzer ONYX
Vibration Analyzer ONYX
Vibration Analyzer ONYX
New generation of vibration data collectors and machine condition analyzers
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Two synchronous measurement channels
Two independent microprocessors
Advanced frequency range: 0.5 - 40 kHz
Advanced dynamic range: > 100 DB
Balancing up to 20 measurement points and 20-plane
Compatibility with different sensor types
Powerful software for storage and analysis of measured data
800 x 480 LCD graphic color display
Removable battery, capacity 4400 mAh
Durable, dustproof, weatherproof metal housing
Membrane keypad
SD memory card
Explosion proof